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Here are some websites that we recommend:
NuVet Plus Vitamins and Joint Supplements 
Enter order number 62287
Does your pet have allergies, hot spots, tear stains or digestive issues?  Then give NuVet Vitamins a try!!!
See what the vets have to say about this awesome vitamin & joint supplement!!  We have 30 days supply on hand for you to buy and we offer free samples to see if your pet will like NuVet Plus.  Watch them gobble it up, and if it saves you even one vet visit, it pays for itself. If you are not happy with this product for any reason, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. 
All Creatures Veterinary Clinic
The Better Companion/Regine Dog Training Facility
Ask for Claudia and tell her Sheri or Michelle at Pampered Paws recommended you.  She has several quality classes for your best pal to benefit from.  Her classes are good for your dog, but also good for you not to mention tons of fun.  It helps build on the bond you already have with your pet.
If your are looking for a new addition to add to your current family, here are some great places to start your hunt for the perfect companion animal.  There are so many homeless pets, please take a moment to consider giving one of these great animals a chance.  Pampered Paws would like to remind all pet parents to please spay and neuter your pets.  It helps cut down on the number of unwanted pets, and it is healthier for your pet by helping to eliminate many different health issues such as cancers, marking, aggression and many more.
Anchorage Animal Control
Mat-Su Borough Animal Shelter
Personal treatment at Pampered Paws
Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue
Friends of Pets
Kitty and K-9 Connection
Alaska Cat Adoption Team (ACAT)
Alaska SPCA
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